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Gastrointestinal Specialists Foundation delivers an expert balance of diagnosis, treatment, and care.

About Gastrointestinal Specialists Foundation

Having served the Memphis area since 1991, we understand the anxiety associated with medical tests and treatments. We strive to diagnose and treat your symptoms quickly and accurately to alleviate any discomfort.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Our team of highly skilled doctors draws on decades of experience and employs the latest technology to perform a wide range of GI procedures including colonoscopy, endoscopy, and hemorrhoid treatment.

Colon Cancer Screening

While colon cancer is the number 2 leading cause of cancer deaths, it’s also among the most preventable. Schedule a simple screening today if you are over 50 or at high risk of colorectal cancer.

In-House Pathology Lab

We know how difficult it can be to wait days — and even weeks — for test results. Our in-house labs enable us to provide test results within 24 hours in many instances.

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